Half woman, Half Beast  



'She marvellously captures the topsy-turvy nature of Weimar Germany...a witty, entertaining and profoundly moving show'  (5 stars) 

'I was entertained and educated all at once... Margot is intimate and genuine'  (5 stars) 

'wonderful work of theatre... a sensitive, dramatic performance'   (5 stars)

'Hughes fills these songs with emotion - whether that be a cheeky playful humour or heart-wrenching sorrow' (4 stars)

'Hughes is an engaging enjoyable hour, held together by Hughes’s on-stage charisma and rapport with her audience' (3 stars)

'Honest, scandalous and just a little bit heart-breaking'    Musical Theatre Review  (3 stars)

'a show that really does seem to capture the decadence of the Weimar

'Moving personal drama interspersed by a rich and varied narrative song set'

‘Hughes plays Margo with coquettish delight… the songs are the bitter-sweet and Hughes pulls them off with great gusto’

'Writer and performer Melinda Hughes gives an exquisite performance as the troubled star, railing as much against her own empty pursuit of decadence for its own sake, as the rise of the far-right.'

Margo is different through its subtlety, intelligence and focus on good music. Hughes and Limb’s ‘I Can’t Love’, about Margo’s tortured relationship with her Jewish lyricist husband Marcellus, rang so piercingly true it stayed with me long after the shocking end of the show.

'the music was powerfully evocative and beautifully performed' 

Margo Lion